Here we go with the second post on this 100% italian editorial project called UHT.

UHT is an independent editorial project born in 2010, managed by Marta Muschietti and Giada Fiorindi. They are two young venetian illustrators and photo editors. Actually they already released issue 1, 2, 3 and they are working on the 4th but we think that the best thing is to introduce them since the beginning of their journey, in order to understand better how this projects changes and evolves along the different releases.

What does UHT means? Here you have their manifesto with some suggestions:

UHT is meant to be published on equinox and solstice’s days. It never deals with the same issue twice and, as well as its subjects, also layout and graphic solutions change each time. It’s like a limited edition schoolbook in installments.

The one you see in this post is their second release: Issue #1. Issue theme are “midgets“.

Discover more on this issue here .