Little big press travelling bookshop
1st March – 1st April
Opening 28th February 6.30 p.m.
guided tour 1st March

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For this reduced version of Little big press, they concentrated on

• Some small focus on / alcuni piccoli focus su

The Sochi Project

Posters of The Sochi Project in Roma
The Sochi Singers
Empy Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land
Kiev 174 /schetchbook series
The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova

Stephen Gill and the Archive of Modern Conflict

Stephen Gill     Hackney Flowers
A series of Disappointments
Anonymous Origami
Coming Up for Air

Antony Cairns         LDN

Ed Jones and Timothy Prus   The Corinthians, a Kodachrome Slideshow


Ant!Foto 2010
Ant!Foto 2011
Die Böhm 28 and 29
Oliver Sieber     Imaginary Club

Oliver Sieber     Imaginary Club 2
Katja Stuke      Suits: London, Tokyo, Osaka, New York 2007-2008, Facts & Fiction 1929-2008.
Katja Stuke      Supernatural

Katja Stuke      Lonely Planet a Guidebook to the Internet

Mieke Woestemburg     Perverted Nature
Mowskov, Zanvoort, Helsinki
Perceptual blindness


Carlos Albalá e Ignasi Lópes  Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature

Johan Attia           Blast!

Mariken Wessels         Keepsake

And the fanzines of / e le fanzine di



• a special attention will be devoted to / dedicheremo un’attenzione particolare a

some artist’s books / alcuni libri d’artista

Stephanie Cardon     Landor’s Cottage

Philiph Kistner       Villa Kotetzi

Daniele Cinciripini      Vorrei tra le mie mani il tuo viso che è terra (come la

and to Italian book / e ai libri italiani

Salvatore Santoro        Saluti da Pinetamare

Documentary Platform       Visions and Documents

Arianna Arcara e Luca Santese  Found Photos in Detroit

Cesare Ballardini         Dal Vero

Guido Guidi           La figura dell’Orante

Veronica D’Altri          110 -one

Federico Ciamei         80s SWM seeks LTR

Alessandra Spranzi        Una Casa su Misura

Stefano Graziani          Under the Volcano and other Stories

Stefano Graziani          Un altro vulcano

Luca Andreoni           Non si fa in tempo ad avere paura

Nico Baumgarten         Berlusconians no Berlusconians

Pino Musi            Facecity Scroll

NASTYNASTY           Ordinary 90’s playgame

Luca Baioni            The Great Grain from Painhell

Giulia di Lenarda         Greensomnia

Tin Piernu            Tin Piernu, fotografo di Tercimonte

0-100              Spring issue 2009

Giorgio di Noto         The Arab Revolt

Bolopaper            Bolo magazine n°1

• Dutch publishing, a great reference point for both production and design, will find place with / l’editoria olandese, per noi un importante riferimento di produzione e design, troverà spazio con

Anne Geene               Perceel nr.235, Encyclopedia of an
Allotment Garden

Erik van der Weijde            Theory of Ruin

Eric Van Der Weijde with
Eric Kessels, Linus Bill, Takashi Homma,
Eric Tabuchi, Paul Kooiker
         Foto.zine nr.4

Elisabeth Tonnard             In this Dark Wood

Elisabeth Tonnard             Two of Us

Bas Princen                Refuge

Anouk Kruithof               Happy Birthday

Paul Kooiker               Sunday

David Galjaard              Concresco

Willem Popelier               And Willem

• Without loosing sight to some international samples / senza perdere di vista alcuni esempi della produzione internazionale

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin    ABOC

Antoine D’agata              Postion(s)

Cristina De Middel              The Afronauts

Chris Coekin                The Altogether

Eric Tabuchi                 Hypertrophy

Idan Hayosh, Corina Künzli,
Salome Schmuki
              Jet Master, a visual Strategy

Jules Spinatsch              Am Ende der Sehnsucht

Laëtitia Donval               Nerves

Taiyo Onorato e Nico Krebs         The Great Unreal

Morten Andersen              Color F.

Morten Andersen              Black and Blue

Olivier Cablat                Temples

Kalle Sanner                 Album

John Gossage               She called me by Name

Mike Slack                  Pyramids

Mike Slack                  Scorpio

Mike Slack                  Ok ok ok

Jason Fulford                Crushed

Ricardo Cases               Paloma al Aire

Tuomas Korpijakko             Bookmarks

Tuomas Korpijakko              DeafDumbBlindDead

Tuomas Korpijakko              GrownDown

Tuomas Korpijakko              TreadThroughGray