Armenia. Sguardi  is a book by photographer  Giovanni Galilei, who traveled into the caucasian country during summer of 2012, realized in collaboration with Marco Nicotra, graphic designer and founder of the independent publishing label BOLO Paper.

A publication about the hospitality of the people and their devotion to the religion; always trying to understand its turbulent history through the collected materials: old photographs, postcards, Soviet editions of illustrated books and, in particular, photographs on film in black and white taken by Giovanni.

By car, on foot and with mashrutka (local vans and buses for public transport): everyday in company of his camera, in search of features that make the Armenian people and its land fascinating.

Traveling from Alaverdi, decaying Soviet-era town in the north of the country, through Yerevan, the western capital that still hides traces of the past splendor, to the borders of Iran.
Once back in Italy, Giovanni met Marco and this was when the collaboration begun. It brought the two to experiment with images with the aim of emphasizing the underlying theme of the entire publication: the glance of the Armenian people.

A truly intense journey that found its right paper form: Armenia. Sguardi
A4 format, cover on Favini Shiro Echo Bright White 300gr, intern on Favini Shiro Echo White 120 gr, 40 pages, offset print.

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